The First Airport. In 1939 Dyersville’s airport was 30 acres between Hwy 136, Candy cane Park, 8th Ave and 13th Ave. and had two runways.



George Necker was the manager and Pilot. In the photo are George Necker, Clem and Al Schwers


Dyersville Airways, Inc. A meeting was called in June of 1944 for the purpose of putting Dyersville on the “Airline Map” (Dyersville had a better airport than Dubuque). Chairman was Dr. McVane, Finance Committee were G. H. Freymann, Henry George, Ray Goedken, Carl Tobin & O.S. Klipping. Site Committee were Wm Rettig, H.W. Nesler and John Besler.



First airport lost. In the late 1940s, the first airport was lost when Dyersville grew to the south.



The second airport. Built north of the IC Railway starting at Lumber Specialties and ran 3500 feet to the East. The length was long enough to land twin engine aircraft.




It was not unusual to have more aircraft here visiting on a weekend than we had aircraft parking.



Second airport lost. The lease was lost when Lumber Specialties was sold. The Airport was eliminated for industrial expansion. Two out-of-town aircraft were here doing business that day.




The third Airport. 26 Businesses bought stock to build the airport. City backed the airport with a $5000 grant. Construction began in 1995.


Since construction…

*Dyersville Area Aviation established

*Hanger built

*Pilot’s lounge built

*Aircraft land and take off every week, bringing tourists, family and business

*On average, Dyersville gains one new pilot a year

*Several local career aviators had their first flight at the Dyersville airport

*Two planes based in Dyersville

*Iowa DNR & Highway Patrol use the airport

*DAA has hosted “fly-Ins” for local flying clubs

*Lighted runway (pilot controlled)

*Flights have generated charitable donations through the Beckman Gala, Xavier Fun Night, & Worthington Parish

*Dyersville flying club created


Dave Kramer enjoys a fall flight in his Coup


Flights logged to or from Dyersville

*Des Moines, IA – 1 hour

*Chicago, IL – 1 hour 20min

*Minneapolis, MN – 1 hour 45min

*Kansas City, KS – 2 hours

*St. Louis, MO– 2 hours

*Indianapolis, IN – 2 hours

*Lincoln, NE - Denver, CO – Charleston, SC – Philadelphia, PA –– Albuquerque, NM – Columbia, OH – Savannah, GA – Rockford, IL –– Springfield, MO – Palm Springs, CA – Canada – and many other locations. 


The Dyersville "C-Flyers" club Cessna


 Goals of Dyersville Area Aviation

*Keep the existing airport open until Dyersville can build an industrial airport.

*Get the existing airport certified for public use

*Convince Dyersville’s leaders to plan for a viable airport for the future

*Keep flying safe and fun for the city of Dyersville and its visitors

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